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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenants pay us the escrow amount each month with their rent checks. We pay the bills for the utilities that are escrowed. Excess escrow funds are reimbursed to the tenant along with the security deposit within 21 days of the end of the lease term. If utilities go over the escrow funds, the excess is deducted from the security deposit. We review the escrow yearly to try to keep them a little above the highest total for the last 3 years. We would rather give money back than underestimate the budget.
Yes, security deposit checks are cashed when the lease is completely signed.
A post-dated check is never cashed before the date it is written for. Therefore, checks for June 1 will be cashed on or after June 1. If you need a check held for a few days in order for it to clear your bank, we will hold a check for 3 days without any charge. Otherwise, the tenant will be daily charged $3.00 every day after the first of the month.
The smallest nails or tacks possible. Please do not use poster putty. It discolors the paint when removed.
June 1, or if you accept your unit “as is”, you can move in earlier. You can look at the apartment after the prior tenants move out before you decide to accept it as is. If an apartment needs cleaning, you can still move in early if you want to do the cleaning for an agreed-upon price. The price must be negotiated before you start cleaning in. Our inspection must be completed before cleaning or moving in.
We allow dogs and cats in a few apartments with prior permission. Additional monthly renting fees apply for pets other than fish ($30 for cats, $30 for dogs). An additional pet security deposit of $200 applies. Dogs and cats must be spayed/neutered and cats must be declawed. Our office must approve any pet beyond a fish.
Security deposit is one month’s rent.

Office Located on Water Street

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P: (715) 233-2081
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